Science was revolutionized by Newton’s laws of motion. But how can we revolutionize our ideas?

Laws of Notion is a podcast by the Institute for Science & Policy at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, where we push against our preconceived beliefs and think critically about the world around us. 

Each season, we’ll tell a story about an issue facing a community, where there are no easy answers. Listen to explore the interconnections between science, policy, and our human nature. 

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Season 2 is here!

Water, Under Pressure: The Uncertain Future of Colorado's Most Valuable Resource


In Colorado, the pressures on water are approaching an all-time high. Our state continues to grapple with who has the right to water because what pours out of our tap is actually a complex blend of history, economics, policy, and power plays.  

The five-episode series explores the tradeoffs and consequences required to manage our water system. Through in-depth interviews and storytelling, the series uncovers the complexities of water from the San Luis Valley to the Front Range, and how they impact everyone’s quality of life. 

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Season 1

In rural northwestern Colorado, the town of Craig is at a crossroads. Coal has long been the primary employer and economic driver in this small, tight-knit community. It’s an identity. A way of life. 

But now, something is about to change. The nearby coal plant and coal mines will close by decade's end as Colorado moves away from fossil fuels in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Suddenly, Craig faces a looming economic transition, the loss of hundreds of well-paying jobs, and an uncertain path forward. The eight-part podcast series takes you inside one community on the front lines of Colorado's energy transition.

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